Hi, my name is Miljenko Barbir, I live in Split, Croatia and I love to take photographs. Love for taking photographs has been a recent discovery for me, but don’t be so gentle in the comments section, I can use a good critic, after all I am looking to grow as a photographer. I’m far from being a professional photographer, but day by day and photograph by photograph, I’m getting better. I would like to work, learn from or just have fun with other photo enthusiasts of all kinds. I would accept almost any kind of photography-related cooperation, so feel free to contact me.

On this site you can see some of my photography and photograph processing thoughts and methods within the Blog section. You can see some of my old and otherwise un-categorized photographs in the Galleries section. Other photos can be seen in the Projects section. Projects are basically same as Galleries, but with a common theme, time frame and other rules targeted mostly to myself to keep me moving on with my photography.

Each photograph in any gallery is tagged with a term describing it. You can see a list of all photograph tags on the Tags page.

Recent Photography Posts

Vacation 2013
Vacation (part 2) for 2013., but a proper one. Posting... Better now than never I guess. For 2013 it was Korcula, and if last year ment anything, next time it should be Lastovo or Hvar, South-up. Korcula was so beautifull that I want to go there again, soon.
Sanja & Darko
Sanja and Darko had a rather small and intimate wedding on a warm winter day (worm at least as our winter days go)... As a coincidence they god wed in the same church as my last couple before them had, Crkva Gospe od Pojišana. And the party at not that standard wedding venue, Caffe Bar Albatros.
Exibition - 8. Splitska Tiramola
Annual exibition "Splitska Tiramola" is featuring young and undiscovered photographers. As I am young and undiscovered and from the Split area, two of my photographs will be a part of the exhibition. Everyone is invited.
Mirela & Marko – Wedding
Mirela and Marko had a small wedding in one of my favorite churches Split (Crkva Gospe od Pojišana). But before that we did a short and lovely wedding photo session and just barely made it because the rain stopped only within the recent hours before the wedding.
Sanja & Petar - Wedding
Sanja and Petar, a very fun pair from Split, had a small wedding with a fun photo session in an unusual setting, surrounded by graffiti, ventilation ducts and stuff like that...

Recent Software / Web Posts

.pot merging tool
.pot file merging application written in .net, source available on GitHub. Load the new/untranslated .pot file, load the second .po(t) file with translations and merge them together.
Another Colorbox Style
I a lot of people use only the default colorbox styles, so you can quickly get "saturated" with them. Recently I had to create my own which looked "more fresh" (I wonder for how long it's going to look fresh). It's based on example #3, with minor modifications to the css (this style is mostly white) and a new sprite image.
B3S SubTranslator
A new version of B3S SubTranslator has been released, some bugs have been fixed and some features added and removed, mostly improvments of existing features, and some user-friendly advancements.
Javascript Date Format Patch 0.9.11
A new version of the Javascript date formatting plugin has been release, nothing special has been modified, just a few minor bug-fixes and some syntax cleanup and verified with JSHint.
Array ACL plugin for CakePHP v1.3
CakePHP Array ACL is a plugin for a CakePHP application used for creating Access Control Lists the easy way. It basically replaces the need for all that complexity of the built-in Auth and ACL components with a simple array defining all of the Auth and ACL functionality.

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