B3S SubTranslator Help – 3. File issues

HelpI see that there are users that apparently can’t open any files in the B3S SubTranslator application. If that’s the case, it can only be because:

  • File format is not supported by the application
  • File format is supported, but has errors

3.1. Supported file formats

In the latest version ( only 4 subtitle formats are supported.

  • MicroDVD{0}{10}Hello|My name a Subtitle.
  • SubRip1
    00:00:20,000 –> 00:00:24,400
    My name a Subtitle .
  • SubViewer00:00:07.00,00:00:11.91
    Hello[br]My name a Subtitle.
  • MPlayer2[0][10]Hello|My name a Subtitle.

3.2. Unsupported formats

ErrorAll other formats cannot (yet) be read from B3S SubTranslator. If you try to load a subtitle of unsupported format, you will get an error message:

  • Error loading file
  • SubTitle file format is not recognized.

3.3. Issues with supported file formats

Any “Error loading file” error message other than the previously described is usually related to an error in the subtitle file itself. B3S SubTranslator application strictly obeys the file format specification. If there is an extra “new line character” (CRLF) or an extra “empty space character” in the wrong place, B3S SubTranslator will report an error, and will fail to load the file. For it to be “softer” to subtitle errors, you should wait (a lot) until I modify the file loading modules.

My recommendation would be to use SubTitle Workshop (or something similar) to fix any errors before using the B3S SubTranslator.

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B3S SubTranslator Help – 2. Requirements

Some of the “users” (actually they were just potential users) couldn’t start the B3S SubTranslator, so I feel obligated to write a little information on the “Requirements and warnings of the B3S SubTranslator application”.

1.1. Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0

HelpIf you get an error like this:

  • Application Error
  • The application failed to initialize properly (0x00000000). Click OK to terminate the application.

The usual reason for this error is the fact that you don’t have Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 or higher. You can download the MS.Net Framework 2.0 here

Install it, and restart your computer. This should fix the problem, so try to run the B3S SubTranslator again.
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B3S SubTranslator Help – 1. Preface

HelpI am obligated to create a new article category to help the users (and non-users) of the B3S SubTranslator application. It’s main purpose is to help you use the application, avoid errors, and show you some tricks and tips to better your experience. So here goes…
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