B3S SubTranslator

After a long time of bug-fixing, feature-creating and nag-listening, a new version of B3S SubTranslator has been released. Most important modification in the new version is the described in the Dictionaries section, so even if you don’t intend to read the rest of the article, at least read this.


InformationB3S SubTranslator dictionaries have been reorganized. Old dictionaries should be compatible with the new version of the B3S SubTranslator, but due to the new organization of the dictionaries you should not use the old (Croatian) dictionaries.

New dictionaries are organized into 2 groups

  • Official dictionaries – these are the regularly updated official (Croatian) dictionaries maintained and released by the Blue 3 Systems.
  • Custom (New/Deletable) dictionaries – whenever you add a new word to the dictionary or edit an existing word in the official dictionary, it will be added (saved) in the custom dictionary, same goes for deleted words from the official dictionary.

Purpose of this new organization is to have an official dictionary from Blue 3 Systems, and your custom part of the dictionary. This way, you can update the official dictionary, without losing your custom modifications.

Keeping the custom dictionary separate it will be much easier to use your submissions in expanding the B3S Official Dictionary.
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