“Blank” Shipping – Module for Magento

I have just discovered Magento CMS and I can say that I love it as much as I hate it, but the love part is gaining in strength. I love it because it’s a fully featured functional eCommerce CMS, and I don’t like that some bits that I consider should be configurable and disable-able, mostly are not, and you need to modify the theme you are using to disable these bits.

One of those things is definitely the “Checkout Wizard” where I just couldn’t disable shipping, and payment. You might wonder why… Well, I wanted to create a shop with all of the products available for “order” online, but the pickup and payment should be done in-store (the real one). In regard of that, I will create a few modules, describe them and publish the source and the painstaking joyful process of the installation and usage.

Blank Shipping Module

“Blank” Shipping Module for Magento is a simple module that you might want to use instead of all other shipping modules. It’s almost the same as an example shipping module you may find on most other sites. You can modify:

  • Title
  • Method title
  • Price


  1. Unpack the contents of the archive to the root folder your Magento application.
  2. Enable the and configure the “Blank” Shipping Method (Admin Panel/System/Configuration/Shipping Methods/Blank Shipping).
  3. You will now have a “Blank” Shipping option as a Shipping method during the checkout process.

Download Blank Shipping Module for Magento.


Blank Shipping Module ScreenshotConfiguration Blank Shipping Module - Checkout/Shipping ScreenshotCheckout – Shipping Method Blank Shipping Module - Checkout/Review ScreenshotCheckout – Order Review