My first SCRUM

A while ago I wrote my first article about my experience with CakePHP, and now I am so pleased with using Agile software development methods (maybe it’s beginner’s enthusiasm, but…) I’ve decided to write about Agile and everything about it as I work with it.

Today (actually 10 days ago, but I’m writing now :-)) I had my first SCRUM meeting. A company where I work has changed it’s name and it was a great opportunity to revamp the old website, and by revamp make a new website design and concept from scratch with salvage of some existing content.

SCRUM is a completely new and revolutionary concept for myself, and from what I’ve just experienced, it:

  • significantly increases code quality
  • simplifies project planning and tracking (no more MS Project)
  • demystifies project tasks/features
  • reduces pressure on developers
  • increases satisfaction in work as you can actually
    • take part in the planning, which gives countless advantages and motivation
    • see the actual progress and your part in the “done” section
    • feel and see the finish date of the project instead of the deadline

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