Levitation – featured on fotogard.com

Yesterday, a gallery containing images from my Levitation project has been featured on fotogard.com site.

Miljenko Barbir – Levitacija – on fotogard.com

English translation of the article:

Levitation is a process which enables an object to counter the force of gravity and float in mid air maintaining a stabilised position without any physical contact to the ground. There are several methods of matter levitation, from aerodynamic, magnetic, acoustic, electromagnetic, electrostatic, etc. More on Levitation project featured on fotogard.com…

Sanja & Goran – Wedding

Not the first wedding I did, but it’s a first one I posted on the site, and I’m quite proud of it. Sanja and Goran had a quite small (guest-wise) and quick wedding, but one of my favourite sessions yet. Location: Bačvice, Katalinića Brig and at the end of the rails near the Railroad Terminal in Split Croatia. Somewhat odd locations for a wedding shoot, but It’s just what I prefer. More on Sanja & Goran – Wedding…