B3S SubTranslator

It’s been a while. And some bugs have been fixed and some features added and removed, mostly improvments of existing features, and some user-friendly advancements. Official dictionaries have been updated and published to GitHub.


  • default font-size increased
  • font size fixed on Windows themes with larger fonts
  • helper text box added to multi-accepted dialog

Operation / Features

  • dictionary replace shortcuts added – “Add word to X dictionary”
  • replaceable and multivalue words context menus enhanced with keyboard shortcuts
  • function keys (F5-F10) movement added (in dictionary replace mode)
  • left mouse click marks words as verified
  • “replace all unrecognized copies with x” feature added
  • replaceable and multivalue replacements automatically added to the accepted dictionary


  • official dictionaries updated
  • official dictionaries are now available here


  • multivalue and replaceable edit context menu fixed
  • dictionary editing fixed (not writing to the deletable file)
  • minor fixe

DaReplacement plugin

  • display fixes
  • function keys (F5-F9) functionalities added
  • minor fixes

Main Page

I’ve created the “B3S Subtranslator Main Page” on the site which will group together all information related to the B3S Subtranslator, plugins, news, links, downloads, etc.

Download B3S SubTranslator

Link: B3S Subtranslator Main Page.

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