B3S SubTranslator Help – 1. Preface

HelpI am obligated to create a new article category to help the users (and non-users) of the B3S SubTranslator application. It’s main purpose is to help you use the application, avoid errors, and show you some tricks and tips to better your experience. So here goes…

First, I would like to thank all of the users (and non users) for all suggestions and complaints, that led to this article (and future “help & info” articles). Feel free to nag on any bug, error, etc. Sometimes you will get a fix, and sometimes just an explanation, but do go on… And I will try to raise the quality of the B3S SubTranslator application.

As I said, I see that there is more and more users of the B3S SubTranslator, and I can see that some of you have problems with even starting the application.

Here, I will tell you about the requirements of the application, common errors and their solutions, some warnings, tips, tricks, and some tutorials on how to work with B3S SubTranslator, to get better results on your subtitle translating experience.

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