B3S SubTranslator

B3S SubTranslator is an application designed for automated translation of subtitle files between similar languages. It was originally designed for translation from Serbian to Croatian language, but it’s design has allowed translators to build dictionaries used to translate from other source and destination languages.


B3S SubTranslator if a free application, originaly developed for fun and later developed because of an addiction of some users and developers. Although it’s free, a couple of users felt it should supported by providing donations. I’m glad to receive any kind of support, weither it’s money, a comment, or perfectly translated subtitles with a “Translated with B3S SubTranslator” at the end. Some of those have had fullfilled wishes on new features, bug-fixes and the involvement in testing of unreleased versions (if you consider this to be a priviledge :-)). How to donate, download the application, open the About dialog (from the Help menu) and you should be able to figure it out…

Top donators

Position Amount Donator Site
1. 500,00 kn Valter N/A
2. 50,00 kn Strider http://strider.byethost10.com/
3. 5,00 kn Lecterror http://lecterror.com/


Several versions of the application have been released, and if you’re interested in downloading an older release, below is the list of all versions with informational articles about every version’s specifics. Besides the application itself, you can find a list of other related downloads, like third party plugins, dictionaries, etc.

B3S SubTranslator Application

Third Party Plugins



Here is a list of articles published on the site that would fall into the above category:

  1. Preface
  2. Requirements
  3. File issues

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