Case Fix plugin for SubTitle Workshop

For all of you working with subtitles, fixing, translating, synchronizing, etc. You’ve probably heard of SubTitle Workshop application from Heard or not, it’s a great tool for manipulating textual subtitle files.

SwitchI recently had a need for a tool which will convert a subtitle file completely written lower-case (ex: this is a completely lower-case sentence. and this is another one… and yet another one.) letters to a “normal-case” (ex: This is a completely lower-case sentence. And this is another one… And yet another one.) Some may say that there is a Case fix functionality implemented in the program itself. Yes I know, and it don’t work for the character set I’m working with and it would just ignore those letters that are not covered by the character set the program is using.

So if anyone wants a plugin for SubTitle Workshop that will fix case on the first letter of each sentence that works with all characters, use this:

Sentence First Letter Case Fix for SubtitleWorkshop

If by some chance this plugin does not cover all characters, feel free to drop me a comment, or even fix it yourself, publish it, whatever you want, this is released under Public Domain License.

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