Array ACL plugin for CakePHP v1.3

What does this mean? It’s a simple and easy to use alternative to built in ACL component of CakePHP applications. I personally think that CakePHP’s built in Auth+ACL components are a bit unnecessarily complicated (but very versatile and powerful), and sometimes I just need a couple of users and groups, and an easy (opposed to all-purpose) way to implement what can each group member access. Thinking of just that I’ve created this plugin.

It’s main features are:

  • it’s installed and configured in 5 minutes
  • it’s powerful enough for simpler access management
  • access control lists are hard-coded in the application in a form of an array
  • it can be easily modified

At the moment of me starting to write this article the plugin was written for CakePHP v1.3, but before I actually published this article I ported it to CakePHP v2.0 (for which there will be another article soon).

Git repository can be found on github, here:

Or you can download Array ACL plugin for CakePHP 1.3 from here:

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