Exhibition – 8. Splitska Tiramola

“Splitska Tiramola” is an annual exhibition featuring young and undiscovered photographers. The only rule is that the photo needed to be taken in Split and that the author was 30 years of age or younger. As I’m still “young” and “undiscovered” (this being my last year) and from Split area, two of my photographs will be a part of the exhibition. Everyone is invited.
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Sculptor’s Medal

I’ve been trying to do some documentary work for a couple of months, and I guess I wouldn’t do this unless it was a school asignement. I was out of my comfort zone again, no strobes and shooting only on 400 ISO, but I’m pleased with the results.

Goran is a sculptor, an artist, who I only met for a couple of times and those were more-or-less business themed, but I guess were great to break the ice of entering someone’s comfort (or not) zone and personal space. He was also working on an assignement himself, under pressure, fatigue, resulting in some dramatic and honest photographs which I was actually looking for. One of most interesting details were his tools for working with clay. Hand-made by himself from lamb bones (some of them), even when I didn’t know what they were made of it looked more natural than other tools.

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Fozoizazov contest…

Fotoizazov is a contest organized in most larger cities in Croatia. This year (2012.) it started in my “home” city, Split. It took place in the city center and we had 8 categories to compete in:

  1. Retro
  2. Street Style
  3. Paparazzo
  4. Close-up
  5. Special Theme – Advertisment for the Organizer
  6. Tourist
  7. Panoramic
  8. Free Theme

It happened last week, but just now I had the time to write about it… More on Fotoizazov photography contest…