Kang Younghee & Yeon Sunghee – Wedding

It’s always great to be recommended by someone for who’ve I worked for. It’s a definite confirmation of their satisfaction. Kang Younghee & Yeon Sunghee are my second honeymooner couple form South Korea this year. Besides getting some nice honeymoon photographs, I gave them a bit of “guided” tour of Split’s city core. Kang Younghee & Yeon Sunghee – Wedding…

Ana-Marija & Ivan – Wedding

I’ve known Ivan for a while since we went to the same photography course and the fact that he’s a photography enthusiast alone meant a lot when Ana-Marija and Ivan decided to choose me to shoot their wedding. A small wedding, in Split’s Register Office with a wedding photo session on three nearby locations: Katalinića Brig, at the end of the rails near the Railroad Terminal and Bačvice beach in Split Croatia. More on Ana-Marija & Ivan – Wedding…

Split fotomaraton 2012

Second year of Split fotomaraton has just finished, yesterday, I’ve been there, and had my fun. It’s a photography competition held in whole of Croatia, starting in Split. There is 12 themes, given to the competitors in sets of 4 on 3 different locations at different times. Only 12 images are allowed to be submitted without any form of post processing…

It changes some old habits, no more spray and pray, making us think more about what we want and how to do it… Taking care of composition, white balance, contrast, saturation, color/black and white, all in-camera. Continue reading

Fozoizazov contest…

Fotoizazov is a contest organized in most larger cities in Croatia. This year (2012.) it started in my “home” city, Split. It took place in the city center and we had 8 categories to compete in:

  1. Retro
  2. Street Style
  3. Paparazzo
  4. Close-up
  5. Special Theme – Advertisment for the Organizer
  6. Tourist
  7. Panoramic
  8. Free Theme

It happened last week, but just now I had the time to write about it… More on Fotoizazov photography contest…